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By: Daniel Smith

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How Depression May Complicate Pregnancy

Many doctors previously believed that pregnancy is a guarding shield that may have protected women from various psychiatric illnesses, according to medical researchers, explaining that this notion may have been due to elevated hormones that women may experience in gestation. However, several studies started to emerge and reveal that may have proven this belief otherwise, backed up by government demography reports that demonstrate the prevalence of depression in childbearing women.

Statistics show that as many as one out of five expecting mothers endure symptoms of depression while in a significant and potentially critical time of their lives which is pregnancy. And 4.5 percent of these women lean towards the relief offered by antidepressants. While some mothers may have milder symptoms, other pregnant women may experience more severe indications. In addition, women who have had history of depression before getting pregnant have been reported to be susceptible to greater chances of recurring symptoms compared to those who have not had any depressive episode.

Impacts of Depression to Pregnant Women

Depression is a debilitating mental condition that may intervene with a woman's ability to take care of herself during pregnancy, according to psychiatry experts. The psychiatric disease may also put pregnant women at risk of increased use of illicit substances, alcohol, and tobacco that may not only be detrimental to a mother's health but may also compromise an unborn baby's fetal development. And because pregnant women with history of depression may be especially more vulnerable to its symptoms after giving birth, the mental health condition may get in the way of a mother's ability to establish a supposedly natural bond with her growing baby. The stresses faced by a mother during gestation may also worsen depression or pave way for the recurrence of its symptoms.

Treating Depression During Pregnancy

There are several treatment options available for keeping symptoms of depression at bay during pregnancy. Most psychiatric experts recommend a non-medicated approach that includes psychological therapy, and support groups for expecting women with milder symptoms. Pregnant women who may be suffering from a high level of depression with severe symptoms including suicidal thoughts may be recommended to stay on their medication before life-threatening complications incur.

The use of antidepressants by pregnant women during pregnancy has reportedly sparked debates among experts, and initiated several studies among medical researchers. Most pregnant women often find themselves painstakingly choosing between forgoing treatment despite risks of a potential relapse, and the possibility of birth defects in babies that may be potentially caused by the taking new age antidepressants such as Paxil.

Potential Risks Linked to Paxil When Used During Pregnancy

Paxil, in particular, has been associated with a string of inadvertent neonatal defects in infants born to mothers who took the medication early or even in late pregnancy. These congenital defects include heart malformations, lung disorder, physical deformities such as clubbed foot, cleft lip/palate, and even cognitive deficits such as autism.

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